TopHAT has been a carrier for Sleepy's for over 2 years now. They have grown with us throughout that time. They started with 1 truck and have worked their way up to 8 trucks. Their performance throughout our growth and expansion has been impressive and the driving force behind their increase in the number of trucks.

Even with the increased number of trucks running, their surveys and on time have improved. For the year, they have 95% positive surveys and their on time for the year is 97%. Both of these rank near the top among the other carriers in all other centers. They are a responsible organization and hold their teams accountable and are quick to resolve any issues with the customer.

Andrew Bonomo
Transportation Manager, Sleepy's

All I can say is WOOHOOOO!!! Amazing performance!!!!
We appreciate you leading the way!!!
Thank you,

Blanca Reynoso
Director – Home Delivery West -Innovel Solutions

I have had TopHAT in my market for the past 4 years. I am truly impressed with their success rate with our members on making sure that they are satisfied before leaving the home. Each year they have continued to drive better results for us and can be counted on in making sure that a solution is put in place in the event of a delivery issue. Learning from opportunities and improving on their successes has been a strategy that I have received for my area. I appreciate their support to our business and their ongoing effort to make my area of responsibility less difficult by taking care of our member’s one delivery at a time.

Joe Steinhofer,
INNOVEL Solutions

Simply incredible performance Top Hat Team!
We’re thankful you are in El Paso, Q4 looks equally strong (or stronger)!
Trust you have our vote for more business in the South, you definitely made your point with that performance!!!
Nice work!

Kurt Legac,
Director, INNOVEL Solutions, Home Delivery South