Gary Trego

Senior Director Of Operations

Senior Director of Operations

Gary began his Logistical career in 2001 as an owner operator with the Indianapolis Sears location under TNT Logistics where he proved to be a top performer quickly in the scoring metrics at the time. The customer service skills he portrayed were among the best. His hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed as in 2005 he was offered to move into an assistant manager role with TNT, which he accepted. During that time TNT was bought by Apollo and merged into CEVA. He stayed with CEVA until 2011 honing his skills as a manager in the logistics field until; unfortunately CEVA lost the account in the bidding process.

   In 2012 he accepted the account manager role with TopHAT Logistical Solutions LLC. at the Sears Indianapolis location where he took the struggling location to the top performing unit for its size. His dedication to customer service and strong leadership achieved him high accolades.

   He quickly moved into a regional manager role in 2013 over all TopHAT Sears accounts and other South locations where all became top performing units for their sizes. This was achieved by implementing his managerial skills to the account manager level and working with the senior corporate TopHAT staff.

   In early 2015 he accepted the Director of Operations position for TopHAT driving all locations to become top performing units. His drive and passion for the logistics field has helped in the growth of TopHAT becoming a successful 3rd party logistical company.